Shipping Services

Shipping Services

Our responsibilities include the following: -
  1. Screen and engage competent and qualified Indian Officers / Ratings.
  2. Arrange for pre-medical examination and Drug / Alcohol test (as required by your company policy).
  3. Arrange for the visas for the joiners, liaise with the local agents and make the necessary travel arrangements (we can arrange the air tickets from our end or same may be arranged by you).
  4. Maintain a database containing records of officers / crew engaged on your vessels and prepare relief schedules and arrange changes accordingly.
  5. Maintain performance records for officers / crew.
  6. Guide all officers / crew to fulfill their mandatory course requirements and also to enhance their capabilities through modular courses.
  7. Arrange for seaman's allotments, the owners to send funds towards all allotments for the vessels and we shall arrange for the individual drafts to be issued / dispatched as per seaman's instructions.
  8. Assist the families of officers while joining the vessel. (If approved by owners company policy) for visas, pre-joining requirements etc.

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