Overseas Manpower Recruitment
Recruitment Procedures

  1. Understanding your Needs
    (a)      Initial study of your requirements & subsequent primary discussion of details with your representative.
    (b)      Visit from our executive for formal discussions & finalization of terms & conditions.
    (c)       Submission of various documents by the client, such as Agency Agreement, Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Employee Services Agreement etc.
  2. Personnel Evaluation.
    (a)      Culling of the data from our constantly updated nationwide database, based upon your requirements & policies.
    (b)      Advertisements & head hunting to match your precise specifications, if required.
    (c)      Scrutiny & evaluation of the resumes received.
    (d)      Shortlisting of the candidates candidates based on merit.
  3. Personnel Selection by our Professional Faculty.
    (a)      Invitation of the shortlisted candidates for interview.
    (b)      Submission of the final shortlisted, post-interview candidates to the employer for final selection.
    (c)      The employer may also select the candidates via the following methods :
                  (i)       The entire selection procedure is left to our OHR Division, so that they may be evaluated by our Professional Faculty.
                  (ii)       If the employer wishes to carry out the selection, then the employer's designated interviewers are invited to our offices in Mumbai & we provide all the required assistance, trade testing & amenities to the interviewers. 
  4. Medical Checkup.
    (a)      The finalized candidates are then sent to accredited Department of Labour hospitals to for their medical examinations.
    (b)       Tests carried out include :
                  (i)       Blood
                  (ii)      Chest X-Ray, 
                  (iii)     Urine,
                  (iv)     Stool,
                  (v)      the mandatory HIV/AIDS Tests. 
                  Any other tests specifically requested by the employer are also carried out at this stage. 
  5. Orientation & Pre & Post-Departure Routines.
    (a)      Basic orientation of the personnel so that they cope better when placed into an unfamiliar environment.
    (b)      Processing of travel documents
    (c)      Immigration formalities
    (d)      Air tickets. 
    (e)      Post departure follow-up with the client to ensure customer satisfaction with the candidates sent. 
  6. Guarantee.
    We assure quality and safe work by personnel supplied by us, our company safety policy is Zero accident hence we impart safety Training at our own ISO 9001:2000 ABS certified Training Center. 
    We assure all our clients that personnel selected through us are best in the in the respective Industry, medically fit and free from any infectious diseases.

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